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Fantastico is a custom fabrication and branding solution, including decor, furniture and other innovative products. We specialise in amazing 3D sculpture and exhibition photo opportunities and props, bespoke one-off creations and in your-face-signage and displays. Our creative team prides themselves ion servicing a wide scope of industries ranging from Mould Making, Pattern-making, Silicone Moulding and Castings, 3D Signage, Shop-front Displays to our unique Functional Fibreglass art.

As industrial artists, we pride ourselves in our out-of-the-box attitude but always maintaining high quality, functional design and great client relations. Being specialists in fibreglass manufacturing, we are capable of producing any custom product, large or small, from concept and design to final product.

From the humble beginnings of our well-loved sausage dog lounger 10 years ago, our novelty products are still highly sought after. With the new and ever-changing work we face each day, we just can't help but love what we do and the quality of work we produce is testament to that.

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Email: info@fantasticosa.co.za

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