Mould Making & Pattern Making

Fantastico has built up an excellent reputation in the industry through our high quality moulds and products. We offer a complete moulding service to our clients, from product design and pattern-making to the final packaging and delivery. 

Moulding choices range from fibreglass, rubbers and plaster of paris depending on the required application.

We pride ourselves on being capable of creating custom complex and intricate moulds.

Through our superior moulds we can create, duplicate and replicate virtually anything.


Silicone Moulding & Castings

Our Silicone Moulds are flexible and can be used during very high, as well as very low temperatures without damaging the moulds. Silicone Moulds have a high chemical and mechanical resistance to the alkaline environment and destructive components of some of the moulding pastes.

It also has excellent anti-stick effect and is available in a 100% food compliant form which is FDA approved.

Our Silicone Moulds are manufactured from the highest quality silicone rubbers, to create incredibly intricate detailed Silicone Moulds.  We manufacture these moulds specifically to our customer’s needs and requirements.

Our moulds can be used for various crafts and a variety of other mediums such as candle making, soap casting, prop making and other innovative applications.

3D Fibreglass Signage & Sculptures

Fantastico specializes in dynamic techniques to achieve high quality 3D Fibreglass Signage and Sculptures. We are capable of manufacturing any custom 3D sculpture or sign, whether small or large and in any shape or colour.

We are proud to offer a complete design service, from the design, planning and manufacturing to delivery and on-site installation if required.

Bringing new creations to life is a passion and obsession for our team who welcome, with open arms, the most tricky of concepts and ideas.


Polyurethane Foam Carving & CNC

Our Polyurethane foam carving is of an exceptional quality. To reduce waste and to help save the environment, none of the foam we manufacture goes to waste.

Fantastico offers hand carving and CNC machining solutions for 3D signage and sculpture purposes, depending on the the clients specific needs and requirements.

Polyurethane foam is our prefered medium of choice when hand carving or CNC machining as it is relatively quick and lightweight to work with, and can be moulded from.


Custom Shop-front Displays

We offer our clients high quality Customized Shop-Front Displays, designed to increase interest in our clients products and stores.

Brightly coloured, illuminated displays are a definite draw card in enticing customers into our clients stores.

We manufacture and fabricate custom 3D sculptures and displays in various mediums such as fibreglass, polystyrene, wire-work, perspex and plastics etc.

Fantastico offers a complete fabrication solution from design and planning, to delivery and on-site installation if required. 



Materials & mediums we use (to name a few):

Hand-laminating fibreglass and resins (our speciality)

Polystyrene/Styrofoam & polyurethane foam

Urethane rubbers

Clear and pigmented polyester, epoxy and urethane resins

Polymer concrete resin

Lasercut and engraved wood, perspex & plastics

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